Quality Policy

SİNTAŞ Engineering Construction Ltd. is in compliance with the relevant standards, technical specifications, administrative and regulatory requirements, technical and artistic requirements for infrastructure, superstructure construction and production of building components. Takes care to use innovations, products and production in information and communication technologies.

With the active participation of all employees, we use the resources in an economical, efficient and productive way to keep the customer satisfaction constant considering the customer needs and possibilities. The product always delivers on time. Continually improve management system.

In doing all these things, we aim to be the leader in the field, to develop the innovation open, to develop the innovative identity and to maintain the national and international brand SINTAS brand.

Environmental Policy

SİNTAŞ Engineering Construction Ltd. takes into consideration the environmental regulations that are in force. Take precautions to ensure that air, soil and water are not contaminated.

We contribute to the preservation of environmental values by using conscious personnel in design and production.

We support all kinds of work to protect the environment for our future generation.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

SİNTAŞ Engineering Construction Ltd. takes all necessary precautions for occupational health and safety in accordance with the applicable OHS legislation and the requirements of the institutions where it is a member. Ensure that employees are not aware of their individual OSH responsibilities, and constantly improve work health and safety-related activities.

The satisfaction of employees as well as the products and the customers is an important indicator of the "first human" understanding of SİNTAŞ Engineering Construction Ltd. by preventing injuries, preventing health deterioration and taking care of their safety.